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SYROPERM - Permeameter to Gas

The SYROPERM is an autonomous device for the fast and automatic determination of the stationary gas permeability on specimen plugs.

The SYROPERM captivates with its (1) simple specimen mounting into the integrated sample chamber, (2) accurate sensor technology encompassing a wide metering range, (3) easy to handle control system with the software package GLOW. The device measures fast and reproducibly the steady-state gas flow through the specimen.

The user-optimised GLOW software controls the entire testing procedure. Moreover, GLOW allows for permeability calculations as well as visualisation and documentation of the data.



DGGT 2019

On 29 and 30 October the second joined conference of all sections of the German Society of Geotechnics (DGGT) takes place at the Congress Center of Würzburg (Germany).
You'll find us at our booth in the exhibition area.

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