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Load Cells Technical specifications

Metering range:

600 kN at Ø 50/50,8 mm
300 kN
100 kN

Deformation element:

Material: stainless steel, pressure-resistant
Base Ø: 60g6mm
Head Ø: 25,4 - 50,8f8mm
Weight: 1,3 - 1,9 kg

Electrical data:

Output signal: 2,1-2,5 mV/V
Supply voltage: max 20 V
Accuracy class: 1/0,5
insulating resistance >5 x109

Ambient conditions:

Operating temperature: 20 to 200°C
Ambient pressure: up to 100 MPa (1000 bar)
Application of mineral oil as fluid medium is possible  


Open ends  
Lemo 0S 4-wire  
According to customer request  

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