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The Adaptor System

  • Perfect for varying specimen diameters and test requirements
  • The new adaptor system enables an easy and rapid changing of pistons. Different from most other adaptor systems, no scaling of axial load by a computed value is necessary.

  • The sealing exactly acts on the specimen diameter.
  • Standard piston diameters are: 1,0“; 30,0 mm; 1,5“; 50,0 mm; 2,0“ und 54,7 mm (NX) for triaxial cells type  DBTA and  70 mm; 100 mm and 101,6 mm (4“) for triaxial cells type DBTC.
  • Naturally, special sizes are no problem.

  • This new and innovative equipment enables a fast and economic reaction to changing testing needs
    - now and in future
  • According to the respective requirements, penetrated Pistons for the supply and drainage of fluids, for flowing fluids through the specimen and pistons with ultrasonic transducers are exchangeable without considerable operating expense.

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DGGT 2019

On 29 and 30 October the second joined conference of all sections of the German Society of Geotechnics (DGGT) takes place at the Congress Center of Würzburg (Germany).
You'll find us at our booth in the exhibition area.

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