High-Pressure Cells

We manufacture pressure cells according to your testing demands. Our offer includes high-quality products for standard tests and also for research purposes. The cells are easy and fast to operate with only one single closing screw. They are ready to be equipped with a number of electrical and hydraulic lead-throughs.

  • Hydrostatic core holders
  • Triaxial pressure cells
  • Operating pressure up to 200 MPa (2000 bar)
  • Temperatures up to 200°C
  • Design and production in conformity with the European Pressure Equipment Directive

Constructions for:

  • Stress-strain tests
  • Flow (permeability) measurements
  • Ultrasonic travel times determination
  • Acoustic emission recording
  • In-vessel sensors

The innovative adapter system allows an optimised assembly of both piston and specimen diameter, easy and quick to handle.


  • Sensory for deformation, load and temperature inside the pressure chamber
  • Diametral and circumferential extensometers
  • Designed in stainless steel
  • Spherical seated pressure plates
  • Connections for all the common screw-in threaded joints of high-pressure piping systems




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