Reproducible, high precision measurements of the axial force are an indispensable prerequisite for meaningful results in geotechnical stress-strain testing. Deformation elements equipped with strain gauges are characterized by their extreme accuracy of measurements. A custom-built bonding technique and an optimized design guarantee greatest robustness against external stresses.

Application under high pressure

For many geotechnical problems it is necessary to test specimens under in situ conditions, i.e. they are placed into pressure vessels and exposed to high pressure and, possibly also, to high temperature. Despite these harsh conditions, the in-vessel measurement is the only reliable measuring technique for deriving authentic axial stress data without producing artefacts from friction effects at the axial pressure piston of the triaxial cell.

Our load cells were specifically developed for in-vessel use at high confining pressure. They withstand the external pressure of a hydraulic fluid medium (such as mineral oil) of up to 100 MPa (14,500 psi) as well as a temperature of up to 200°C (400°F).

Load Cells



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