LVDT - Displacement Sensor

For the use in high pressure cells


In geotechnical application, the precise and reproducible measurement of linear displacements is a crucial requirement for obtaining significant experimental results from stress-strain testing.

Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) displacement transducer are characterised by their high accuracy whilst maintaining robustness against external loads.

High-pressure application:

For many tasks in the geotechnical test laboratory, the specimens have to be restored to their original environmental conditions.

Consequently, the specimens are tested in specially designed pressure cells that provide the in situ overburden pressure and, if also necessary, the elevated in situ temperature. The displacement is then measured very close to the specimen inside the cell to avoid the load frame’s deformation being part of the results.

The LVDT described here are specially designed for the use under the harsh conditions inside of pressure vessels. They withstand the hydraulic pressure medium (e.g. mineral oil), the confining pressure of up to 200 MPa (about 30,000 psi) and also temperatures of up to 200°C (about 400°F).



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