Electrical Lead-Through

We offer our proven and tested units for the transmission of supply voltage and electrical measurement signals of sensors, installed inside pressure cells.

  • Ruggedly designed
  • Space saving: Diameter only 16 mm at its biggest part
  • Easy fitting to different material thickness
  • Replace or substitute with a dummy plug within a few minutes
  • Pressure ranges up to 300 MPa (43,000psi)
  • Temperatures up to 200°C (400°F)
  • Applicable for all non-conductive pressure fluids
  • Lemo 0S jack with a lock on both sides
  • Seals also unplugged
  • Up to four lines per lead-through
  • Insulation resistance(10 V DC): > 10Ωm
  • Breakdown voltage: > 400 V DC
  • Capacitance: 200 pF/m
  • Line resistance: 0.9 Ω/m
  • Standard tools are usable to bore the mounting holes
  • Attractive price


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